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Today Thursday, 27.07.2017    11:34 Minsk

health resort Lenina


  1. 15-August - double one-room
  2. 16-August - double one-room
  3. 21-September - double one-room
  4. 21-September - single one-room / with double bed
  5. 03-October - single one-room
  6. 03-October - double one-room
  7. 03-October - single one-room / with double bed
  8. 09-October - double one-room
  9. 15-October - single one-room
  10. 15-October - double one-room

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Health resort Lenina Mogilev region informs:
Excellent news for guests of the health resort Lenina, holidaymakers with kids - in summer, the experienced teacher - animator works in the sanatorium!

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Pastime ans leisure organisation health resort Lenina

  • Singing parties 
  • Dancing parties 
  • Discos 
  • Karaoke 
  • Concerts of amateur forces of holidaymakers 
  • Concerts of amateur groups formed by the staff 
  • Lectures 
  • Viewing movies 

Excursions health resort Lenina

Additional services

- included in the price
- for the additional price
  1. attending sauna 878 /1.5hr
  2. backgammon hire
  3. basketball court rent
  4. basketball hire
  5. billiard 63 /1hr
  6. chess hire
  7. dominoes hire
  8. draughts hire
  9. football hire
  10. table tennis (Ping-pong)
  11. volleyball hire

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